We are at the Heart and Rhythm Institute now.

This is a brand new building, and like walking into a private facility.

We are the only people here. Hubby has gone in to get prepped, and I have just made myself a Keurig decaffeinated coffee, with Irish Creme added. About to have a Belviya breakfast biscuit.

Will go in once he is settled, then off to the gym.

We have already ordered lunch to be brought in from a local restaurant. A sandwich made to order, and a side.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were treated like this when going to a doctor’s office. I felt like I was in a cattle market when I had my last surgery.


  1. Hospitals and doctor’s offices are often a place of fear. I agree that with a slightly different approach, we would be more at ease. I was at the funeral for a dear friend yesterday (a lung transplant survivor) who could never say enough about the treatment he got when he was in the “system”. Wishing you a peaceful day and a successful outcome for your hubby, Susie. Allan

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  2. It truly is a comfort to be offered a niche of ‘goodies’ to pass the time in the waiting room – and quality ones as in the Kerig rather than the standby who-knows-how-long it’s been sitting there coffee pot.

    Sending you good wishes, thoughts and a prayer to you.

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