Even with hubby’s surgery, I have still been getting to the gym.

Yesterday once he was ready for surgery, I left my phone number with the receptionist, and headed for the closest gym. I had been there before, when he had his cataract surgery.

No boxing bag, so I used some upper body machines, went on the upside down Bosu, while punching into the air.

Then I saw one of our Zumba instructors teaching. I went into the class, and asked if I could join in, as I wouldn’t be going to her 10.30 class at my usual gym. Did around 25 minutes, and then went back to the surgical center.

This morning/lunchtime we watched the Womens World Cup matches, so went to the gym after. Hubby used a walking stick, just to be on the safe side.

He sat down for 45 minutes, while I did some circuit training. I did lunges with a 10 lb. weight, then moving the rope up and down around the pole, jumping jacks, sitting on the Bosu ball, and doing crunches. I then finished up on the upside down Bosu ball, with the weights.

It was a short session, as it was the first day after hubby’s surgery, but furious. The perspiration was running off my face.

Now to relax, while it is storming. It was a horrible drive home, as I could barely see in front of me.


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