No Zumba today, so got to do boxing.

Often I don’t even check Facebook in the morning, but lucky for me I did today, as the instructor let us know that there was no Zumba.  I believe it was a training session in the room that is used for classes.

So I was letting the ladies know prior to reaching the room.  Many left, and one lady said that she didn’t know what to do.  I said that she could check out my boxing.  I didn’t teach her, as that is not allowed in the gym, but she copied some of the basic moves, and wants to join my Wednesday boxing class at Top Brothers USA, in New Port Richey.

She stayed for around 15 minutes, and then I was back to my normal self, beating the crap out of the bag.  Boy, does that relieve stress.  I can guarantee that anyone trying it will feel so much better.

I then grabbed the thick rope wrapped around the pole, and did my 50, up and down with it.  Again it feels great achieving it, and the guys looking on.

I did my normal cool down on the upside down Bosu Ball.

Hubby sat, had coffee, and chatted to several people there.  We came back, and I baked flakey biscuits, so that he could have one for his sandwich.  Then tonight he had biscuits and gravy, while I finished the chicken curry that was leftover.


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