My plants are blooming.

Having had my surgery three weeks ago, my garden looked like a jungle.  The plants my friend gave me a couple of years ago grow really well in the Florida climate.  I believe they are of the ‘lily’ family.

So as soon as it cooled a little, about 86 degrees, I went out, and cut them back.  That’s when I got to see the blooms.  They don’t last many days, but keep coming up at different times, on the plants.

If you know the name of them, please let me know.  I would appreciate it.  As you can tell I don’t have ‘green fingers’.


  1. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon Ami,Amie bonne culture physique

    Chaque jour, je vois défiler le temps
    devant moi la réalité, derrière moi un passé
    Chaque jour, je fais les mêmes gestes
    Les mêmes mouvements
    Assis devant un café, je viens te retrouver
    L’ordinateur est devenu mon ami avec lui
    je t’offre un peu de joie un peu de bonheur
    et toute l’amitié que j’ai au fond du cœur
    Profite bien et ai pleinement conscience du bonheur de vivre
    Je te souhaite un bonne fin de semaine

    Bises amicales


  2. There is an app called “picture this” I just downloaded bc I couldn’t remember the names of some of my plants and wanted to see how I should take care of them…that may help you figure it out! :-).

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