My heart in my mouth.

England just had a disallowed goal, and I had been screaming, shouting, over the moon at White’s second goal. So it’s back to the USA 2 goals to 1.

I actually did a stress check on my phone, and it was off the wall. I usually come in the normal range.

15 minutes to go, and I can’t watch it. I think that us Brits have to be the biggest fans around, as we never miss a game.

81th minute – Will England get a penalty. – Yes. Saved.

86th minute – 2nd yellow card = 1 red

England down to ten players.

Goodbye to England’s dreams, and mine. Final score 2 – 1.


  1. Je découvre avec entrain le football féminin de haut niveau. Le jeu de l’équipe féminine Anglaise favorise un jeu fluide et enlevé. Hier soir malgré la défaite de cette valeureuse équipe, j’étais heureux du spectacle offert.

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