Had one unexpected meal out today, and just been invited to one tonight.

Hubby and I thought it was just going to be a normal day, going to the gym for the morning, and then home for the rest of the day.

We had received a flyer in the mail for Hyundai, to win a prize. I know it is usually a $5 gift card, but as we were close by after the gym, we went down.

Hubby was going to stay in the car, until I read it, and told him that they had music, and barbeque. He still didn’t want to get out but I persuaded him too.

Yes, we got a $5 Target gift card, and a ticket each for food. We went to the food truck, and they had pork, or chicken, with either potato salad, or coleslaw. Water to drink. We both had the pork, and potato salad, which was really good. We sat inside, and I got myself a cappuccino to go with it. Most enjoyable.

When I got home my girlfriend called to ask us to go to the Marine Corp with them this evening. They have music, food, and fireworks. We will probably only stay for an hour or so, as hubby gets uncomfortable, but I can see the Macy’s fireworks on the television.

So our day of really no plans, has turned out to a lovely. 4th of July.


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