My husband’s wound is looking good.

The good news is that my husband’s wound line is healing nicely.

We had breakfast today, and then planned for him to sign the checks for the timeshare, that is one of his duties.  They wouldn’t be ready until late morning, so we went to the gym where I did 40 minutes of the Zumba class.  I then cooled down for the remaining 20 minutes.

From here he signed the checks, and it was already past his lunchtime, so we ended up eating out.  We then drove to the electro-cardiologist’s office, for the post surgery check.  We had quite a long wait, for a 30 second appointment.  He lifted the neck of his shirt to show her, and she said that it was doing fine.  She gave us appointments for October, and December, that were already made out, and we left.

While driving I had a phone call from Walgreens as they arranging a single trip for prescriptions that we have on a regular basis.  She asked if I could check them with her again.  I said that I was on Bluetooth in the car, and to call me back at 4 p.m. when I was home.

It is now 3.56 so I need to get out his ultra long list.

I really don’t think I could manage working again, as this was a 36 mile round trip, and 5 and a quarter hours.


  1. so frustrating with these super short appts. I have found that most docs here in Colorado, at least where I live, are very prompt. It was another story in California.

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  2. So glad to hear things are progressing along in the right direction. I know what you mean about Dr. on coasts and Dr. inland – two different senses of time – its the same here in Canada. We use to live on Vancouver Island and we refer to it as Island time because everything just seems to move slower near the salt air – no rush, no urgency, nobody ever on time! lol Zumba on!

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