The Pound – Dollar exchange rate really affects our income.

I should imagine we are one of the few couples that rely on our Old Age Pension, and other pensions from England.  These are what we live on, and therefore are sent here, to the states every month.

Since we have been here, over 30 years, the pound has been as high as $2.08 to the dollar, which was fantastic, back in 2,007.  Of course I wasn’t getting a pension then.

Since Brexit the pound has been dropping all the time.  Today is it continuing to go down, and the rate is now 1.2460.

We were living on around 1.50 – 1.65 rates 2019-07-09for so many years, that we now have considerably less per month, for our livelihood.

I am pleased that I have been a saver all my life, because how many people living in America could take this huge cut in their social security/pension.


  1. I know people – English people like you – suffer in France because of the exchange rate with the Euro dropping, but hadn’t thought about UK’s in the US. Brexit is a vile thing for so many reasons. Best wishes ~ George

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  2. The inflation in the US, on things that we all use, isn’t helping either.
    It seems that politicians on both sides of the Atlantic are making things more difficult for their constituents.
    There’s no need to drag things out like this.
    The Pound will be back.

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  3. That is really tough, Susie. I feel for you. Me and hubby here in the UK had an amazing holiday in 2008 in the US when the exchange rate was on our side. The same holiday would probably be at least double the cost now. It is so unfortunate and doesn’t look to be changing any time soon.

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  4. No we are on the lowest one, 10 or 12%. We can claim it back on our taxes here, but with the weak pound we don’t pay any, so it’s of no use unless the pound strengthens, which won’t happen.

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  5. A lot of people in the US live off of their Social Security and many don’t have pensions. I suspect that is why I see many seniors running cash registers and bagging groceries in stores.


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