Have you contacted the F.T.C. about the latest scam?

We had just received a phone call, that I let the answer machine pick up, and it was a scam about Social Security.  Minutes after on the N.B.C. news, they put up an alert about this actual scam.  It was pretty much word for word, of our message.  We of course did not phone back the number given.

It was saying about fraudulent activity on my Social Security, and if I didn’t call the number immediately, they would take legal action.  I was given the number 202 854 0391 as a call back number.  DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER.

The news report said that on average when someone had picked up the phone, or called back, they were out of pocket $1,000.

I am sure most of you are aware of this, and many other scams.  The newscaster told us to go to https://www.ftc.gov/ and file a report.  The more information they get the better.

I did mine today.


  1. We have so many scams going on around here right now, I don’t even want to pick up the phone and going through emails is getting harder!! Those people want to make millions while they simply sit on their butts and it’s not going to be because I helped!!

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  2. My cell phone rings all the time, I’m in an area with the highest call rate. I got one last week about my student loans. I never had any lol They will try anything! I have hundreds of numbers blocked but they just invent more. I stopped answering my phone.

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  3. Susie, we had the same call yesterday. Makes me SO MAD as many elderly people might take it seriously & give out personal information & lose $ (not to mention the fear factor!) Grrrrrrrrrr!

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  4. I wonder how they can feed their families with the money that isn’t theirs at the first place. Considering that money might be needed for buying food, paying rent and other needs.

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