2 busiest boxing/kickboxing days.

Yesterday I had a great boxing training day with my senior ladies. My eldest one is punching harder 🥊😊, and the lady who has been with me around 10 weeks really works on getting it right, and I love her passion. My new lady that has health issues, is coming along at her own pace, and really gives it her all. I have 3 wonderful seniors that ♥️ to box.

In the afternoon I was with Jake, from Load More Plate, boxing. When he wants me to do hooks, he lifts his arms up. I started laughing, and said that he looked like Mickey mouse.

This morning I did 30 minutes of Body combat, and more to follow on that. I am now stretching, and cooling down.

Will drive hubby home, have a protein shake with lots of added fruit, and then straight down for my Mauy Thai kickboxing session again with Jake.

Tonight an hour of dancing at the Eagles. I think I am back into my old routine again.





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