Body Combat.

Yesterday I mentioned Body Combat in a post, and said that I would write more about it.  This is different to my boxing, and kickboxing, as you do it in a class, and have no contact.

I like to do around 20 to 30 minutes of it before having my Muay Thai Kickboxing lesson.  We warm up, and then do combinations of jabs, punches, hooks, and upper cuts.  We also do kicks, and aim for certain parts of the body.  As well as this we do cardio too.

I enjoy this combination, but stop at the same point of the 1 hour class, when they get the mats out, and get on their knees.  With the problems I have with my right knee, I won’t chance doing anything to aggravate it.  Also with my kickboxing 2 hours later, it is enough, but not too much for me to still give it my all.

Yesterday I did 15 minutes non stop.  5 minutes of punches, and kicks, and then 10 minutes of straight punches, and hooks.  I am so proud of myself.