Why I did buy gift cards for my favorite restaurant/pub.

20181023_124048 (1)

We have been going to Peggy O’s for years.  Previously it was called Peggy O’Neills.  If you are a regular follower of mine you will have seen the photo of the 4 bangers and mash, several time, in my posts.

Last time we went there, we knew that hubby’s family would be here next week, and as we had taken them to Peggy O’s last year, she had said that we would certainly be going again this time.  So we had our meal, and I bought $100 of gift cards for their visit.  This way I thought that I could pay for the 5 of us, without us both getting credit cards out.

My girlfriend went there yesterday, and it said that they were permanently closed.  Then I was told my other friend that it closed Friday of last week.  Yes, a week ago.  I was so upset, firstly because we love the place, and their food, but the worst thing was losing the money.

I have contacted my credit card company, but it is not fraud, however, they are not fulfilling their obligation.  They will work on it for me, and I will let you know the outcome.


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