Cancelled 2 massages, so was totally ready when the day finally came.

I have a monthly massage, which is a real treat for me.  I had arrange one awhile back, and it turned out to be 3 days after my skin cancer surgery.  My face was swollen, and bruising everywhere, so I cancelled that one.  I made it for a couple of weeks later.

My hubby ended up having heart surgery, and my massage was to be the day after.  He needed someone with him for the next 24 hours, so again I had to cancel.

Finally I got my massage on Saturday.  Friday night I had a disrupted sleep, so couldn’t wait to relax.  Even though I live in Florida, the room is cool, so I have the bed heated.

She had me on my front first to do my back area, then I slid down the bed, so that she could do the front.  She started at my head, and worked down.  I don’t remember her doing my feet, because I heard her say that my massage was completed.  I made a snoring noise, and woke up.

This is the first time that has happen in several years.  When I had a masseur come to my house, and have one in my own bedroom, I often fell asleep as I was so relaxed.

I did apologize for the snore, and told her that she had done great, with me falling asleep


  1. Happy for you. That’s a great way to relax. I had had 2 massage failures when I was younger. Went to a beautician to pamper my face. A friend of the beautician offered to serve me and so massaged and creamed my face. It was horrible. I had pimple breakouts the day after – red, big ones. Went back to the beautician and spoke to the owner. When she investigated, she was told that the guy was just a friend and not trained in that line of trade. She apologized and promised to make it up for me. Started scrubbing my face and did the necessary. But it was all in vain. The pimples didn’t go away and I suffered for many months after. I never returned after the second visit.

    The second failed massage was from a friend, who offered to massage my aching shoulders. She had big hands and I was on the skinny side. The next day, I had neck pain, couldn’t turn my head and ended up taking the day off from work to go to the doctor. So, massage is a no, no for me. 😂

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