I have blooming plants.

We lived in the next street over for 10 years, in a large townhouse.  This was until hubby was in ICU, and hospital for a month, and then rehab.

I had no choice but to move us to a bungalow/condo/single story home.  As the house had been empty, the bushes/shrubs had died.

I worked hard the first year using bulbs, and plants, and buying a lot of topsoil to go over the sand, that we call dirt.  The last 2 years I have had the odd bloom at different times, but now they are well established, this is what they look like today.

Yes, I know I need more topsoil, and it needs to be weeded.  Our landscapers are supposed to weed, but haven’t seen them do it in months.

I am so pleased that our home looks like someone lives in it.


  1. Your garden is lovely, Susie! I have been getting into gardening myself. We just got a property in Hawaii and I am familiarizing myself with the different plants and palms. There were a ton of weeds and I have been weeding by hand. Feels like a good workout. I really enjoyed your video too!

    ❤ Alana

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  2. It is amazing what Florida sand will grow. I took it for granted until I began attempting to grow vegetables in North Carolina clay. Your plants look happy.


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