I so miss Peggy O’s. I loved their food, and even more, since trying a British pub.

We have just come back from Brits British Pub and Eatery, and there is no comparison.  Hubby’s daughter, her husband, and Aunt enjoyed their fish ‘n’ chips.  Hubby wanted their ‘bangers’, which you only get 2 for the same price as 4 at Peggy O.s, and they were out of them.

We both chose the steak ‘n’ kidney pie, mashed potatoes with gravy, and veggies.  The meal was hot, the meat was excellent, but they came in frozen, so the edges of the pastry was rock hard.

Then we ordered sticky toffee pudding for dessert.  This is usually a light sponge pudding with the toffee (treacle) on the top, and custard.  This had a graham cracker base, which really spoilt it.  None of us ladies liked it, so our son-in-law ended up eating it.

The company was fantastic, so it was a great evening.  However, hubby and I wouldn’t personally choose to go back there again.

It no longer has British owners, and neither was our server.



  1. You would be better off having home made bangers and mash at our house! We also have a really good fish and chips up the road. So now you have to find a different place to try?

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