I guessed the boxing bag wouldn’t be up for long.

I previously wrote that one of the boxing bags was down at the gym.  I had asked when it happened,  if they could fix the straps, so that we could have it back.  We had lines waiting to use the one bag.

Last time I was there it was up, but they had turned it upside down, and hung it on an open hook.  I knew one heavy punch, or kick would bring it down.  So yes, it is down again.

Many gyms in our area have gone out of business, and been transferred to this gym.  You can barely find a parking spot some days, with the amount of people using it.

My personal thoughts are, to get equipment fixed properly first time, to keep members happy.  Hoping that I will be able to use the boxing bag tomorrow, but it’s very likely someone else will be using it.

Thank goodness for my punching ball, that I have secured at home.


  1. Frustrating! I hope that if other gyms have closed and this one is the only game in town they will not forget that they need to maintain standards and keep their customers happy!

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  2. You should get your own punching bag at home! I took kickboxing several years ago. I loved it so much, but my schedule ended up getting the best of me. I got a punching bag at home and use it 2-3 times a week. I highly recommend it.

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  3. We had a huge townhouse in the next street over, until 3 years ago, when my husband almost died on me twice. After ICU, hospital room, and rehab, I moved us to this condo/bungalow 2 weeks later. Do not have the space for it. I workout on my boxing bag, attached to the ceiling, and weighted at the floor, in the middle of the linen cupboard. It’s about 10 inches tall, and works good for me.


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