Enjoyed a sandwich I haven’t eaten since being in England 8 years ago.

Lunchtimes for me are always either a protein shake, or a protein bar, as I workout every morning.

When I was at the grocery store I could smell the tomatoes.  This meant that they were the clusters of Vine Ripe ones.  I found some perfect ones, and brought them home.  Today I opened the fridge, and took one out.  I also got 2 slices of wheat bread, and extra sharp Cheddar cheese. As I have low blood pressure, and workout so much, I added seasalt to it.

The sandwich was so simple, and tasted amazing.

I have got into a rut with my diet, oatmeal, or cereal with raisins, and fat free milk for breakfast, my protein for lunch, and then 6 nights a week, a homemade dinner.

I think I need to go back in time, when I was working in England, and make myself a delicious sandwich at least once a week.  What do you have for lunch?



  1. Sounds good with those fresh tomatoes! Lunch is the worst for deciding what to have for us. We go out for something fast a lot of the time. But at home it’s just whatever we can find…maybe some cold meat, cheese, and crackers, and some fruit. 🙂

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  2. I’ve been juicing my lunch which is great as I get all my fruits and vegetables for the day in one sitting. But before a big race when I need simple carbs THIS is my go to – except I open face toast the cheese and tomato with a little salt on a toasted bagel in the oven. Delicious! Love this one!

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  3. It’s way too easy to get in a food rut during the summer…glad to see a yummy tomato &cheese sandwich on your lunch plate…though I prefer my tomato sandwiches to be virgin…without any cheese! HA!

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  4. I love your sandwich. I usually have a sandwich for lunch with some oat or almond milk as regular milk is not my friend. As for Vegemite i like that and also Marmite!!


  5. Yesterday, I had a chicken salad sandwich, but my favorites are BLT or just a plain tomato sandwich. I also love grilled cheese with Tomato Basil soup. The Progresso kind has a reduced sodium one that is very tasty!

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  6. Is this an English fav sandwich? Sounds yummy. I saw that you checked out my blog, Covenant Heirs, so I was glad to find you. Were you born and raised in England? Curious, since my mother was born in London. She went to heaven when I was seven. I had the opportunity to visit my grandmother (Guernsey Island) way back in 1972, and also do a quick tour of London and surrounding area. Smashing! So glad that your surgery is past now and you are back to exercising. Hoping you are doing well. You look great! I really need to be much more diligent in exercising. Looks like you and your husband are enjoying Florida. So nice…visited Anna Maria Island a few years ago and loved it! We live in the Kansas City area, so we have very cold winters. My least favorite time of year. Possibly when we retire, we’ll become snow birds for part of our winters…couldn’t be gone too long from our family, who all live near us. Take care Susie. Prayers for a complete healing.

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  7. Yes it is, but the only good flavor tomatoes are the vine ripe. Born in Kent, and moved here 31 years ago. Anna Maria is beautiful, and south of us. I visited family 25 times in 24 years, until hubby had a cerebral hemorrhage, and benign brain tumor. Have not visited my daughter, and family in over 8 years, as he can’t travel. We are both doing the best we can. Thank you for the lovely comment. 😊


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