Excellent service from the British Passport Office.

I remember ten years ago, having to go and have a photo taken for our passports.  I downloaded the paperwork twice, filled it in for both of us.  Put both our passports in the envelope with a check.

I can’t remember how long it took to receive the new ones, but I know that I had a trip to England coming up.

This time, the process is only for me, as hubby didn’t travel out of the U.S. these past ten years.  I applied online on the 7th, took the current passport to the post office on the 8th.  I could have sent it overnight for around $80, paid around $50 to get a signature for it, or less an $4 first class.  I deliberated for a long time, and went with the first class, as important documents I have sent in the past, I never got notifications for.

It arrived in England on the 16th, and I got an acknowledgement from them via text, and email.  On the 20th again a text, and email to say that it had been approved.  Then today, 22nd, another one to say it’s on it’s way to me via courier service.

I have just done a survey for them, and put that they have surpassed, all my expectations.

This is what I call service.

Time to renew my U.K./European passport.


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