3 views short of my all time high.

As I wrote yesterday, it was an amazing day for views on WordPress, I was watching the stats right up until bedtime.  My all time high is 990.  I couldn’t make it, or the 1,000, which I was hoping for.

This is just a good feeling for me, because I made less on WordAds yesterday, only 27 cents.  A day when I had 683 views the cpm was much higher, and I made 77 cents.

So the stats were great, and I thank you all.




Screenshot_20190723-093859_WordPress (1)


  1. I understand how you feel, congrats. Only once I was close to 1.000 likes then, way down again and my jews were over a thousand. Why no more of that is because the might not have comeback a second time. O well I have plenty of good friends like you.

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  2. That’s wonderful and keeping in shape comes with lot’s of health benefits… Would also try to hit the gym daily then once got used to then can do it more than one became hey I want nice abs too.


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