Another satisfying morning with my boxing class.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of my ladies, as they turn up in this rainy Florida weather.  We drove through roads. that where partly flooded due to storms. during the night.  The rain was torrential when we left our house, but only a drizzle when we neared Top Brothers USA.

My three ladies showed up, and on time.  One said that she had thought about cancelling, but with the rain easing off, still came.

They all do their wraps now, get on the mat, and start stretching.  I have 2 ladies that know all the basic moves, and I can work with them together, until the first one needs a break.  Then I have 3 ladies doing different punches/jabs/hooks/uppercuts.

My newest lady is getting less out of breath, and really concentrates on getting the moves right.  I commend her for her due diligence.  She finishes up doing the basic moves.

My two other ladies finish the session with jab, jab, punch, going backwards, and forwards around the bag.  Then a minute of gassing out with straight punches.

I am so proud of how they are all coming along, and can’t wait for our sessions.  Ladies you rock.


  1. No, they go to the gym several times a week. Wednesday morning is when I volunteer my time. Yes, it’s senior ladies. If senior men wanted to learn they would be more than welcome. 🥊🥊


  2. Wow!

    I just started working out at the boxing gym last week, and I love it.

    My friend opened it up to give kids something to do and to keep them out of trouble.

    I was inspired to help.

    I am impressed with the ladies because I know how much it burns and makes your arms tired.

    But I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow! 😁

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