Our rainy season seems to have come earlier this summer.

Around a week ago the weatherman informed us that in our part of Florida, we had already surpassed the average July rain full.  Since then it was rained pretty much every day, and not the late afternoon short downpour, but throughout the day, and during the night.

Yesterday it was raining when I went to Top Brothers for boxing, again when we left.  Still raining when we arrived at the next gym, and again when leaving at lunchtime.

I was going to do food shopping in the afternoon, but it didn’t ease off, so put it off until today.  When hubby went to his meeting last night it was raining.  I had gone to the gym for 2 hours, and when I went to pick him up, I was lucky enough to get a parking spot right next to the door.

This morning the garbagemen emptied the can, and put the top on, upside down.  It was full of water.  It was raining when we got to the gym, and again when we left.  I had 30 minutes at home before I had my boxing session.  That went really well.  7 minutes of combination punches, jabs, hooks, and uppercuts, then onto me doing intervals of punching, and hooks.  Last week I had managed 15 minutes of these, after the combinations.

My determination always kicks in when we immediately go into the punching, and hooks.  My trainer counted me down each time I changed position.  He told me when I had done 17 minutes, and I said that I wanted to go on to 18.  He suggested 20, and I said ‘Sure’.

I love the way he says ‘Good breathing’.  I now have it down to an art, and my stamina blows my mind.  We never got to do anymore boxing, as my time was up.  That is what I call pushing myself to the limit.

Did I mention this morning at the gym, I had done half the body combat class, a couple of hours before this.

Upon leaving I drove to a couple of supermarkets to pick up items we needed, and get gas, and it was pouring down.

Got home, and within 15 minutes the rain had stopped.  Hope it stays that way as we are going dancing for an hour or so tonight.



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