Zumba toning is a double workout.

My boxing session with my trainer got canceled yesterday afternoon, and as hubby was going to a meeting last night, I dropped him off before going to the gym again.

I had 30 minutes of stretching, and warming up, before Zumba Toning. If you are not aware of what it is, Zumba is just dance, and Zumba Toning is with weights.

The ladies that regularly go to this class have their 1 or 2 lb. toning sticks. I got 3 lb. weights, which doesn’t sound much, but after an hour, they feel like 10 lb. ones.

We did a 10 minutes warmup, just dancing, and then went into 4 with weights. We then did 1 without, and went back to the weights. Finally stretching it out, and our hour was done.

I really enjoyed it, as often I find Zumba is more lower body, and I really love anything to do with strength moves. I then had another 30 minutes of light workout before picking up hubby, and coming home.

Photo of regular Zumba.


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