The featured image says it all.

When you are in your teens, twenties, thirties, and even forties, you tend to put things off, due to work, family, etc.  However, when the children have flown the nest, LIVE YOUR DREAM.

I can tell you from experience, you never know when life takes a different track, to what you have planned.

When we came to Florida, it was that I would visit family in England every year.  This I was able to do for 24 years.  When my Mum passed away I went in the November as well, that year.

Eight and a half years ago hubby had a cerebral hemorrhage, and a benign brain tumor.  Since than I haven’t been able to visit my family.  It is also hard for them, as my youngest granddaughter is on the high end of the Autism Spectrum, and has severe learning disabilities.

I don’t have regrets, but certainly would have done more, if I had known what was in our future.  So if you have the time, and the money, live your dream.  Tomorrow is not promised, and we never know what it might bring.

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  1. Agreed. Do what you can when you can. You will never know when things will change. My Dad could not wait for retirement so he could travel. He died 7 months after his first pension cheque. Hopefully, you can still live some of your dreams. Stay well Susie. Allan

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  2. bonjour ou bonsoir mon Ami, Amie

    Merci pour ta présence
    L’amitié est une source d’énergie
    Elle dégage en nous une chaleur
    Cette amitié c’est comme une
    Source , comme l’eau qui coule d’un ruisseau
    Elle nous donne de l’énergie positive et d’un besoin mutuelle
    On ne peut se passer dans la vie de
    L’amitié c’est une force que nul ne peut ignorer
    je te souhaite un très belle semaine une belle journée ou soirée
    Et tout le meilleur dans ta demeure
    je te fais de gros bisous

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  3. Great post, and so true. It’s often the daily persistence and consistency that wins the dream. Small bites and the whole elephant can be eaten. Life throws up many barriers to fulfilling a dream, but it’s never too late. I often get up at 4 or 5am to write and market because I work fultime and have a young family. Thank you for sharing this.

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  4. So very true. It’s a great reminder. For years we are too busy to take time for ourselves and suddenly we blink and so much time has gone by. Enjoy every moment for you never know what tomorrow may bring.

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