Update on my scar, and dentures.

I am starting to feel a little happier about the scar, going from my nose, to inside my lip.  I have been using Vaseline on it several times a day, and it stopped it from scabbing initially, and has kept the area protected.  I still feel tightness, or pulling, near my nose, when smiling.  My lip in that area in hard, and doesn’t really have any feeling.  However, the inside has much improved, which means I can eat different food.

The dentist did the adjustment on my dentures, so they finally have stopped cutting into my mouth.  All the bruising is gone now.

I have eaten pork chops, thickly sliced apple, and even attempted a couple of pecan nuts.

The surgery was a nightmare, but I am starting to feel normal again.  If I had known that they were going to find that cancer when they did, I certainly wouldn’t have got new dentures, a couple of weeks before it.



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