Scam phone calls are driving me crazy.

All day long we seem to get them, and all I want to do is ignore them, so that they will finally stop, but unfortunately hubby wants to pick them up.

He has had one that he has been talking to, and said that they had to talk to me.  He picked up the phone earlier, and it was this company.  They wanted me to drive him to either the county above us, or below us for a free consultation.

I said that they could email me with the name of the company, and their address, and I would check them out.

So I went on Yelp, and 2 out of 3 reviews were 1 out of 5, and one of the reviewers said that they should have a negative number that you can use, and complain to your state legislators.

I am so pleased that we can find out about a company, place, etc., so less people get scammed.  I advise anyone to do the same, as the majority of reviews are truthful.  Just the odd ones that they get family/friends to do on their behalf.

I know this is just one of many, and am not naming them, but I am sure you have had similar, that try to pray on people that have health issues.


  1. We get them all the time as well. Even when I block number, they simply have another number. One day I went through my blocked list and reported a whole bunch to the govt. site for Do Not Call list. It seemed to help for a short time.


  2. Health ,taxes, computer problems, political parties, weed control, surveys. I have even been spoofed by my own phone #. If the number looks funny or is an 800 or 888 on caller ID, we simply ignore. If they persist, we pick up and tell them to desist. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. My neighbour had a couple of solutions in the good old days before the bot calls. He would give the phone to his 1 year old and let her babble at them or he would ask the caller in a creepy voice “What are you wearing”…….. Both very funny but useless against the bots. If we pick up and hear either dead air or chatter in the background, we hang up. Allan

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  3. I don’t answer unknown numbers! Period!! If it’s important, they’ll leave a message. Having a talking caller id helps, you don’t have to run for the phone every time it rings! Sometimes the name “spam” comes up!

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  4. They are my pet peeve as I have chronic pain & a rare sleep apnea and don’t sleep well at night, so they are always interrupting me from trying to get any rest during the day. I’ve basically stopped answering my own cell phone and am missing legitimate calls because of them, Something needs to be done soon. What good does it do to block a bunch of numbers if most of them are spoofed numbers anyway? That’s not stopping anyone who is calling me.

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