Changed it up a little at the gym today.

All 3 football matches we watched this weekend went to penalty kicks, so exciting, but the teams I wanted to win, lost each time.  That is the reason I didn’t get to my Zumba class this morning.

We got to the gym around 12.20, so I took a snack for hubby, and a Greek yogurt for me.  The only class on a Sunday is the 10.30 Zumba one, and as I had done boxing yesterday, I figured I would workout on some of the machines.  I got quite a sweat on, and knew that it had been good.  However, I wanted something new to do.

As you know my right knee gives out when I twist it, so I thought how about the stair climber.  No one was on them, as I haven’t done these machines before, and didn’t want to look slow.  I do miss the 19 stairs I would run up and down, in our previous townhouse.

To ensure that I was careful with my knee, I did the first minute on level one, the next on level two, then up to level three, for the third minute.  I then went back to two, and one.  It was only a 5 minute workout on the machine, but I felt comfortable with it, and so far my knee is fine.  If my knee doesn’t swell up, then I will do this once a week.  Depending on my knee I will increase the time, and levels.  It goes up to level five.

I then went to my old faithful, the upside down Bosu ball, where I always cool down.

I am very happy that I tried something new.  Tomorrow I will be back to boxing again.


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