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I tend to always buy from Amazon, when we need something.  A couple of weeks ago hubby wanted an 8 ounce bottle of Jovan Musk Cologne for Men. He wanted me to drive him to Walmart.  We didn’t get there, so I ordered it a few days ago from their online site.

It arrived, and the paperwork was correct, but they had sent Lauder Pleasures for Men 3.4 ounce spray.  Hubby had already opened the package, taken it out of the box, and sprayed it.  It was way too overpowering, and almost chocked me.

I phoned the Walmart online number, and after answer security questions, the man put me on hold for quite awhile.  When he came back, he said that it was from a third party, and that they were not answering their phone.  He had sent them an email with all the details, and told me. that they would contact me within 24 hours.

That has long gone, and nothing.  The product they sent is $20 more than the one I paid for, but it’s not what we want.  As it’s Saturday, I will wait until Monday, and that will be 72 hours.  If nothing happens I will have to contact Walmart again.

I did see that you could return an incorrect product, but I don’t feel that I should be the one repacking it, and taking it to the Post Office, or whichever carrier takes it back.

Next time it will be quicker to go to Walmart, and fight the crowds.


  1. Online shopping can sometimes be a risk. I often buy online and always pay using Paypal. Recently a product didn’t do what the company claimed. The company chose to ignore my emails. I put in a complaint through Paypal, they ignored them as well. Paypal refunded my money in total.

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  2. There are certain things that I would buy online–mainly those that I cannot find in a physical store or if you get great discounts on similar items that I use. Absolute no-nos for me for example are fresh produce, fresh meat,eggs as well as shoes. For shoes, I gotta fit them first before buying them and this has to happen in a store. I still love the ambiance of a store and would like to touch the merchandise as much as possible before buying them. With online shopping comes courier delivery service. You got to have the time and convenience to have your merchandise delivered to you safely whether you are home or not. But, that is a different topic altogether.

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  3. I purchased a camping tent through Walmart six months ago. The tent was $75.00 and was to arrive within five business days. We were leaving within a few days of when it was supposed to arrive so I called Walmart and explained I needed the tent and the seller had not shipped it yet. Walmart cancelled the order and refunded the purchase. After we arrived back from our vacation, the Walmart tent had been delivered a few days later. I contacted Walmart and they instructed me to contact the third party seller as they had cancelled the order and their part was completed. I contacted the seller more than once but never received a response back. Six months later that tent is still in the box unpacked waiting for a return label. If I purchase from Walmart again, it will be pick up in store only.

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  4. Amazon now allows you to take the items you want to return to Kohl’s. Kohl’s will repack it and ship it for you. All you have to do is request your return ticket from Amazon and drop it off at Kohl’s. 😊

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  5. I can no longer drive due to health issues, and I’ve been shopping online for a long time. I shop both Amazon and and have had few problems. But when I shop Walmart I avoid the 3rd party sellers. I think that cuts out a lot of hassles. I try to deal with the items only and narrow my search to them. The same thing on Amazon applies, if it’s not shipped by Amazon, I tend to see more chance of a problem or the seller being flaky. But Amazon backed up the sale if the seller didn’t and were not too bad to deal with once you found out how to contact. Paypal is great about covering a bad deal too, I love using them. Just my experience from LOTS of shopping 🙂

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  6. I do understand the need to buy online and do so myself sometimes. I am afraid that within the next five to ten years, there will be little choice but to buy online as the brick and mortar stores disappear.

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