Saturday mornings, back to watching football in bed. West Ham 0 Manchester City 5.

The 12.30 p.m. Premier League football match starts at 7.30 a.m. for us in Florida.  So it’s back to making a coffee, putting the bed in a half sitting position, and enjoying the first half in bed.  Our little bit of luxury.  It’s the only time we watch television in the bedroom.

We choose a big screen for the bedroom too, and really appreciate it.  At halftime we get up, and briefly go to the bathroom, make breakfast, and out on the recliner to watch the second half.

Today it’s West Ham at home to Manchester City.  The first 20 minutes the Hammers held their own, but Manchester City showed their dominance with 2 goals, and a disallowed one for offside.

They have just scored a 3rd, and this score line doesn’t show the improvement in the West Ham side.  Manchester City are a formidable team as usual.

84th minute a penalty from Manchester City, which was saved, but the goalkeeper didn’t have a foot on the line, and it was retaken.  4 – 0.  With VAR it looked like less fouls, and diving.

92nd minute 5 – 0.


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