Legend of Bruce Lee on Amazon Prime.

Hubby picked out this series to watch, as he is a martial artist.  He thought I wouldn’t like it, but we ended up watching all the first series, 20 episodes.

Did you know he was a Cha Cha champion first, and then got into boxing.  I love the Cha Cha, and take lead when dancing.  Of course boxing is what I do.

From there he learned all the different forms of martial arts, and even came up with some of his own.  He came off very arrogant, but you got to see the side of him that wanted to share all he knew, and learn off others.

I can tell you that he has taught me to use my brain when boxing.  To be centered, and learn how to attack, while also defending. I was practicing yesterday on my punch bag, and then again today at the gym.  I will probably watch this over, and over again to improve my knowledge, and style.

I was telling one of my ladies I train boxing about this series on Amazon Prime, and she said that her husband would most likely enjoy it, and that she would also be interested.




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