Old trees being cut down, and others trimmed.

Every year the board of our Condo Association have a company come to our ‘little village’, and cut down old trees, and cut back the limbs of the remaining ones.  This really helps when a hurricane, or storm comes through.  They removed 2 where the men are working, and took the lower limbs of the tree showing.

When Irma came, only a couple of the houses got very slight damage, and it was due to being prepared for this kind of event.

My husband was on the board for 10 years, before finally giving it up, and they do an excellent job in our development.

If you live in an area that is susceptible to storms, hurricanes, etc., then please check on any trees in the surrounding area, to ensure you and your property remain safe.


  1. Early preparation is important during hurricane season. It is good that the power companies take the season seriously and also trim trees. Here in western North Carolina they could take lessons on storm prep.

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