Are we dealing with idiot’s?

I wrote last week that I had ordered an aftershave for my husband, from, and the wrong product was sent.

The 3rd party seller emailed me yesterday, and I replied about it being the wrong product.

Today I received another email stating that the carrier broke the bottle. Would I send a photo of it for replacement, or refund.

Are they bloody stupid? I wrote in Capital letters what I ordered, and what they sent. I attached photos of paperwork, and both products.

I will never buy from 3rd party sellers again.


  1. I hope you’re not as confused as I am. The carrier broke the bottle and they need a picture of the product? Best of luck.

    You’ve given me an idea for a blog post about a couple of recent purchases. I miss Sears.

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  2. They use canned email responses…they just select any response. The employee who answers the most emails in a month gets to be top employee. It doesn’t matter if their response is correct or not.
    Bad pay, bad system, money grabbing companies.

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  3. No they are not idiots just short readers. They read five to ten words and assume the rest then respond. You think this is frustrating when you send an email in the work place and get 20 different responses then finally one that indicate they actually read the email.

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