Conserving energy by utilizing my oven, and Instant Pot.

Our heat index was 104 degrees yesterday, so the air conditioning is continuously running.  Therefore when I cook, I try to so more than one item at a time.

Yesterday I did a roast dinner, and not only had the pork loin in the oven, but also roast potatoes, stuffing/dressing, and also American biscuits.  They will be used for biscuits, and gravy for hubby this week.  I put all my vegetables in the Instant Pot (7 kinds), and had it on for 4 minutes.  This is a great savings compared to stove top cooking.

As I had bought my husband a sugar free lemon creme cake for a treat, I didn’t make my sugar free chocolates cupcakes for him.  If I had, they would have been baked too.

When cooking/baking small amounts I use my toaster oven.  This is great as it doesn’t heat up the kitchen, like the main oven does.

My neighbors are surprised at our electricity bills, as they are considerably lower than theirs, but it’s all about conserving energy.





  1. We all need to conserve energy, also reduce the power/gas bills. I do a lot of one pot cooking in crockpot. I have recently purchased a Breville Pro Oven which proudly sits up on the bench , I love it – I no longer use the main oven.

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