I got my Walmart refund.

I am extremely happy to say that sending all the photos, 5 in all, I finally woke up to a refund of the cost of my product, in my PayPal account.

We have to be on top of everything to get what is rightfully ours.

They didn’t ask for the other product back, so I will check with my friends to see if their husbands use it.  Hubby is set in his ways so I have ordered the Jovan Musk from Amazon.  Up until now they have always sent the correct product.

Again, I am so pleased I didn’t have to go to the store, print off labels, go to the Post Office, as this wasn’t my fault.

They came through after effort on my end, but it was certainly worth it.




  1. Well, chuck it to experience. After all the hell you went through with Walmart in terms of the refund, I am sure your hubby will understand why you would prefer to use Amazon from now on.

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  2. I understand your situation. It is not easy. It is less complicated to just let him have his way. perhaps, net time, you let him do the ordering through Walmart so he can have a first hand experience of what you went through. If by sheer luck, Walmart cleaned up their act, then all well’s and good.

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  3. Do a side-to-side tutorial with him.Like teaching someone how to play the piano. The point is that he will not be able to empathize your situation unless he does it himself even with your help.

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  4. I do everything with or for him, including gardening, the house, the cooking, the accounts, his medications, all appointments, do all the driving, and every other thing you can possibly imagine. Sorry but not the life I expected.

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  5. Well,now that you put it that way,,,you did your best. I have nothing more to say except that i admire your perseverance and fortitude. unless he himself changes his perspective and initiative to try it himself. We can only wish,pray and hope.

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  6. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary. Am so sorry to hear what happened to your first husband. You are lucky though to have experienced love from both men. They both define parts of your life in some way.

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