This weeks workout so far.

It’s been a few days since I wrote about working out, so thought I would do a recap.


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Boxing, and practicing some of Bruce Lee’s moves. On the stair machine, doubled my time, and went up to level 5. Cooled down on the upside. down Bosu ball. Dancing in the evening.


Did an hour Zumba class. 30 minutes with weights on the upside down Bosu ball. At home centering my punching on the punch ball, that I have in my closed. It is at shoulder height.


30 minutes teaching my ladies boxing at Top Brothers USA. Down to the next gym for 40 minutes of stretching, and cardio. Quick protein shake, and to my boxing session at Load More Plate. In the evening dropped hubby at meeting, back to the gym for 30 minutes of stretching and light cardio. Then an hour of Zumba toning with weights, not sticks.


Already done 30 minutes of Body Combat, doing a few machines, and then at 1 pm my Mauy Thai kickboxing session. Tonight it will be dancing at the Eagles.



  1. You’re an inspiration. Keep up the good work. I purchased a ‘Max trainer’ and I have worked up to 3 minutes a day. It’s hard work. From doing nothing and being very unfit, 3 minutes a day is a big step for me. I’m trying to set a goal for 15 minutes a day. Fingers crossed. My body is so sore at the moment, but watching you inspires me. I have to share, almost 20 kilos down, still have plenty more to lose. Cheers. πŸ™‚

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