Florida is now called the ‘Rainy State’ by many of us.

August has been the most miserable month so far.  The only places we visit are the gym, the odd restaurant, the Eagles for dancing, and my Friday walk with my girlfriend in a mall.  We haven’t even been able to sit on the patio, and enjoy some fresh air.

Several times I have driven through pretty awful condition, and today was no exception.  I had my monthly massage this afternoon, and came to a low lying area on one of the roads, that had barricades on both sides of the road, leaving just the middle open to traffic.  We took turns to drive through this area.

We are pretty lucky, as I have been watching the news, and so many families can only get into their streets in canoes.

It is light rain now, but I checked the weather channel, and it’s still 80% rain this coming hour.

My prayers are that a big storm, or hurricane doesn’t form, until we dry out a little.

The picture was taken 3 years ago, when a storm had already come through.


  1. Stay safe! I am 4 miles from the Gulf on a dirt road and can’t drive over the gullies and gouged filled with water. I so want this rain to stop!

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  2. I lived in central Florida (Pasco County) for 16 years. During our time there we experienced drought, flooding, wild fires and of course the lovely seasonal hurricanes, with the worst hurricane year being the year we moved…to North Georgia. Florida is something else as a place to live, I think that’s why it’s in the news quite a bit too.

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  3. Susie, I hope Florida dries out before more tropical moisture comes knocking at your door. Central Ohio felt the same back in April and May. Some farmers were not able to complete all of their seeding on time.

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  4. Drive safely and try to find ways of making indoors enjoyable and hopefully soon enough the land will try and you will get to sit on patio and enjoy your fresh air but rain is a blessing as long as it destroys nothing because on other African countries there is drought.

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