I almost broke even my first year of upgrading to Premium WordPress.

I upgraded to the Premium plan a year ago tomorrow.  The cost of this plan as many of you know is $96.

The first month I only made $2.01, but it has been increasing each month.  The $96 will be automatically withdrawn from my credit card on Monday, but I am very pleased to say that I have $92.27 as of the end of July.  Therefore I know that I have already reached the full cost of my plan, with the 19 days of this month.

I didn’t want advertisements, and went over 2 years without them, but I was still paying a smaller amount for my blog.  I am happy that I changed plans, and know that this coming year of writing, I will be ahead of the game.

I certainly don’t spend all my free time on WordPress for the money.  What money?  However, I love to write about my life, sports, food, and the odd review.

I would be interested to know how many writers do it for the love, cover their costs, or actually make money on it.  I know businesses do, but I am talking about the average writer.


  1. To be totally honest, I decided to start writing for the money, soon I realized that a blog takes time and effort, and that making money will be secondary, I get the premium plan from the because I was to monetize the blog, and even though I am making some money still not to cover the prize. However, blogging soon has becoming a passion of mine, I want go connect, help, advice and help to all the mommies out there, so far I have few categories but I am planning to write also about family finances, blogging, mom style and home decor😍

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