I almost broke even my first year of upgrading to Premium WordPress.

I upgraded to the Premium plan a year ago tomorrow.  The cost of this plan as many of you know is $96.

The first month I only made $2.01, but it has been increasing each month.  The $96 will be automatically withdrawn from my credit card on Monday, but I am very pleased to say that I have $92.27 as of the end of July.  Therefore I know that I have already reached the full cost of my plan, with the 19 days of this month.

I didn’t want advertisements, and went over 2 years without them, but I was still paying a smaller amount for my blog.  I am happy that I changed plans, and know that this coming year of writing, I will be ahead of the game.

I certainly don’t spend all my free time on WordPress for the money.  What money?  However, I love to write about my life, sports, food, and the odd review.

I would be interested to know how many writers do it for the love, cover their costs, or actually make money on it.  I know businesses do, but I am talking about the average writer.


  1. I actually stopped putting ads on my blog as the income was totally insignificant, with followers 1/10 of yours. It does not make any sense to have Ads with a readership below 2,000 followers. WordPress is making ad money in any case with marketing embedded in the email updates for every post we publish.

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  2. I pay for a personal plan to get rid of the ads because they disgust me. After I post a lovely poem, I don’t want people to see a gross swollen leg with an ad to a diabetes video. I don’t put on my own ads (except a link to my author profile on Amazon) or make money from my blog directly, though occasionally someone will click through and buy one of my books.

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  3. I just blog for fun and something to do. I had to upgrade to a paid account because I ran out of room for photos. Also no ads was a bonus. So far it’s been fine for the last couple of years. 🙂

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  4. I just write posts for fun I am not interested in making money. I have learned a lot about how to photograph moving horses, and the blog gives me access to media accreditation that gets me into places I would not otherwise have access to in the horse world.

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  5. I paid for a premium plan from the start because I need to be able to customize and have the storage space I want. But I write for fun. I started to monetize the blog but it came at a time when I was too busy to post. So, I am back to posting for fun but still have a premium plan

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  6. My drive is love for writing but I love the monetization aspect because even though it’s so negligible with the present number of followers, I hope to grow to earn enough to pay for my premium plan at least and if possible make some extra to buy some coffee. It isn’t funny paying for my plan from my pocket. I hope to pay from the money made through adds.

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