Today’s visit to the doctor’s office.

Our appointments are arranged so that we both go in together for the prelineries, and then I see the doctor first, and then my husband comes in for his, once I am done.  This has worked out great.

So today, once everything was ready, we were told that it would be the P.A.  As the patients want the doctor, they thought it to be fair, to see the doctor one time, and then the P.A. the next.

I told the girl that I had a bad experience when I was left in a room waiting on an injection in my lower back/top of my bottom, with the P.A.  I had a really bad panic attack, and didn’t feel comfortable with him.  I was told it would be the doctor.

I got called into another room, and the doctor explained again.  I said I understood, but she has a calming influence on me, and that I would be anxious if it was the P.A.  She said that wasn’t a problem.

My visit went well, and I asked for an E.K.G., as I have never had one.  My mother died of a massive heart attack at age 80, and had no knowledge of heart problem before it.  She agreed, and also suggested I take a baby aspirin.

I thought my husband was coming in, but he had been seen by the P.A.  I have no idea what was said.  My husband of course didn’t know his A1c, his creatine, or any of the other numbers that I always ask about.

So when I got home, I phoned the doctor’s office, and asked to pick up a copy of his blood work tomorrow morning.  I love my doctor, but we may have to do a different schedule so that I can be in with hubby.

I knew things were running too smoothly in August, after a horrible July.


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