Dry Foot & Hand Magical Shea Butter Cream Formula with Natural and Organic Moisturizing Olive Oil. Skin Repair by Thermalabs

I usually buy my own 1 lb. packages of Shea butter, and make my own body creams/lotions.

However, I had a chance to try the Thermalabs Shea Butter Olive It states a ‘triple moisture body butter’, and I totally feel the extra moisture it has, compared with the ones I make.

The first photo is the before, and the third one, the after.

My body takes a bashing, with my boxing, kickboxing, and all the other workouts I do, especially my feet.  I was kickboxing last night, and they get really hard, so I rubbed some into the bottoms of my feet.  It felt so good, that I did the tops as well.

Today, I put it on my body, after my shower.  I did one shoulder, and took photos of both.  I am not sure if you will see the difference in the photos, but I can tell you that the one with the body butter, feels amazing to the touch.

A little about the product from the Amazon page:

Your dry feet and hands are in for a treat! This is truly magic: you will feel your skin problems disappear with Thermalabs Olive Shea Butter

Your extremely dry and cracked feet will be healed, relieved and repaired with this smooth, pure and refreshing made of Shea Butter with natural organic ingredients and vitamins

Keep your skin lush & hydrated with a unique blend of oils such as sweet almond and avocado oil

Choose an eco friendly, non-irritating and cruelty-free creamy Shea Butter that is safe for all skin types

Prevent pregnancy stretch marks with this triple moisture belly butter for a baby smooth skin’.

I can tell you that this is a winner for me, and my skin feels like a million dollars.

I was sent this product to try, and didn’t have to write a review, but I chose too.



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