Sorted things out at my doctor’s office.

If you read my post, ‘Today’s visit to the doctor’s office’, then you will know that we didn’t get to see the same person, and that I wasn’t in with my hubby for his visit.
As hubby had seen the P.A., which really upset me, because the doctor changed his insulin resign last time, and was going to go over it with us.  We typed out 3 pages of numbers for her.  He told him his blood work results, listened to his heart sitting in a chair, and chatted.  The numbers he was told, didn’t mean a thing to him.
I was unhappy that hubby didn’t mention about this back, and that his legs gave out on him when we were in Treasure Island.  A man helped him, as they buckled so bad, he couldn’t do anything.  He didn’t check his ankles or feet, which they have to do for diabetics either.  I got a stool card to check on colon cancer, and had to ask for one for him, as the P.A. hadn’t checked on his yearly things to do.
Went to bed Monday night, and it kept churning inside me, so I got up, and typed all this up for the doctor.  I finally fell asleep at 3 a.m.
When I went to get the paperwork from the doctor yesterday, I talked to both the girls on the desk, and they said that this shouldn’t have happened, as he doesn’t even know the names of his doctors or any of his meds.  They told me that they have changed both of us to the doctor for the next visit.  Feeling better now, but Len need not have gone there Monday, because he couldn’t tell me anything about it, apart from ‘if it goes below 100, 5 times he has to call the doctor’s office’  That doesn’t make sense, so he got that wrong.
He is the one with 5 chronic illnesses, and I worry each, and every day about him.  I can miss a doctor’s appointment, but he can’t.  I really want this to work as I have gone from someone so anxious about a doctor’s visit, and am now calmer so have the correct B.P. readings.  Also the technician is fantastic, I lay down for blood drawing, and she doesn’t call me in until the last second.  She is amazing.


  1. Len is lucky to have you. There are times when we must be proactive about our health care and if we can’t do it for ourselves we need someone to do it for us. Just as you are doing Susie!

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