We don’t have that. We can’t make that. We are out of that. Fun afternoon at Dunkin Donuts.

Two weeks ago we went to this Dunkin Donuts, and had a really nice lad make us a Heath bar, decaf latte.  It was so good.

Today we went out of our way to go to the same one, after walking the mall, and wanted the same great coffee.

I ordered 2 of them from him, and the first answer came back for the Heach bar, we don’t have that.  So while we are choosing another flavor, he says that they can’t make lattes right now.  At this point my girlfiend, and I started laughing, as this is a coffee shop.

The nice young lad offer us a free donut, I didn’t have one, but my girlfriend did.  I felt obliged to get something, as he was so sweet.  I said can we have a decaf coffee, with a flavor it in.  We ordered it with caramel.  He came back, and said ‘We are out of decaf.  We broke down, and was almost crying with laughter.

Instead of our Heath bar, decaf latte, we got a b.o.g.o.f. large regular brewed coffee with caramel, and one free donut, for the price of a medium coffee, with a flavor.

I could only have a few sips of my coffee, as caffeine upsets my stomach, but will have half a cup first thing in the morning, for the next couple of days.


  1. The only fascinating thing about Dunkin Donuts is that their coffee tastes exactly as bad in every single country … When coffee, I prefer that privately run little whole in the wall …

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