Decision time.

We are watching the first half of the Bournmouth – Manchester City game at home.  At halftime I will probably drive us down to the gym, and should get there within 15 minutes.  I can continue to watch the second half, but do I finish watching it, or go to the 10.30 Zumba class.  I have been missing it since the Premier League started up again.

If City are up by several goals I will go into the class.  If by a miracle they are not I will go on the treadmill, and watch the full game.

I hate that football, and my favorite workouts interfere with each other.  When Infinity gym was around, I would bring the standing boxing bag down to the television sets, and watch it while boxing.  I would also be on the upside down Bosu ball, with weights.

It is more difficult at this chain, because I have to ask to have the channel I wish, put on one of the televisions.  I can’t do it myself as I used to.

I will get my workout in, but weekends are now totally different as I miss my boxing on these days.  Thank goodness I have my bag at home.


  1. Coucou mon Amie et bon sport

    Et bien si nous dessinions un rêve
    Il faudrait qu’il soit beau bien entendu
    Il faudrait qu’il soit doux, cela va de soi
    Il faudrait qu’il donne envie, ce serait l’essentiel
    Il faudrait que ses couleurs soient merveilleuses, c’est évident

    Si, cette réalité, nous la faisions belle et douce
    Pleine d’envie et remplie de couleurs merveilleuses
    Si nous la copions sur nos rêves
    Alors nous ressemblerions à des gens heureux
    C’est avec ce petit écris que je viens
    Te souhaiter une belle semaine de douceur et que le soleil soit au rendez-vous dans ta demeure

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