Finally called out a plumber.

We have a leak in the pipes underneath the kitchen sinks, and also I have a dripping faucet in my bathoom, and the stopper doesn’t work.  Hubby tried to fix my bathroom one without any joy, so we went with the one recommended by our H.O.A.

I called last week, and as it wasn’t urgent, made an appointment for 8.30 to 9.00 am. this morning.  I got a call from the owner of the family business at 8.30 to say that he was loading his vehicle, and that he would be with me in 30 minutes.

It’s now 9.55 and no one has arrived.  This does infurriate me as we got up at 7.30 so we wouldn’t be in his way, making coffee, and getting breakfast.

Yesterday I cleared out both sets of cupboards, and the counter tops.  I couldn’t believe how much I had there.  I will go through it all, before putting it back, after the jobs are completed.


  1. Yes I hate waiting in – life in limbo and then when they are there it doesn’t feel like your home -creeping round whispering
    We had the electrician didn’t go till 8pm – kept thinking he was going and I would get on with dinner! Had to have fish and chips. …

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