Update on today.

The plumber arrived a minute after I posted this morning.  I took him to the kitchen first, and he switched the water on, checked the pipes below, and the faucet.  It was the faucet that was leaking.  They don’t carry any on their vehicles, so told me to go and buy one.  I asked what I needed to get, and he said they are all 8 inch.  You just need to pick the one you like.

I then took him into my bathroom, and a clip was off of the rod that moves it up and down.  The clip was on the floor of the bathroom unit.  They don’t put new washers on anymore for dripping taps, and had a cartridge to go into the tap/faucet.

He was here for 10 minutes.

We decided to go down to the gym for 40 minutes so I could do the end of Zumba, and then I drove up to Home Depot, and bought the new faucet.  The minute we were home I phoned, and had to leave a message on an answer machine.

We had lunch, and I waited.  It got to 3.30 and I was frustrated even more.  I called again, and the owner answered.  He said that he was at a meeting, and hadn’t had time to phone back.  I asked what time his guy would be back, and he said tomorrow.

I told him that I had made sure I had the whole day free today, to take care of this problem, and that I had 3 commitments tomorrow.  He told me the guy will be here at 8.15 a.m. so that I can leave at 10.00 to teach my boxing class.

Minutes later hubby was on his phone, and saying that he couldn’t pick up a text.  I could hear a man, and woman on the phone, so I took it off him.  I asked who they were, and they said that a man in distress had called 911.  I told them that my 85 year old husband would have dialed it in error, and apologized.  I asked if they wanted to speak to him, to know that he was alright.  They asked me my name, and address, and were fine with it.

If I had let hubby keep the phone going, or worse still disconect, we would have had sirens going, and an ambulence, and a fire engine show up.

After that I had to cook dinner, do the laundry as I didn’t want the machine going, and the guy wanting the water turned off, as well as putting the stuff back in my bathroom.

One day I will never forget.

Photo: Pixabay.


  1. If you comes on time, I leave at 10 to work with my ladies, then drive to the other gym so hubby can have coffee with his Veteran friends. Bring him home, have a protein shake. Then leave at 12.30 for my boxing with my trainer.


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