Florida is the negotiating state.

The plumber was here at the promised time of 8.15, and took out the old kitchen faucet, and put the new one in.

Yesterday he was here for 10 minutes, and put the cartridge in the bathroom faucet, and the clip underneath.

We had gone out and bought our own kitchen faucet.

He was unable to come back yesterday, so today arrived at 8.15, and had it completed 8.55.

So 10 minutes + 40 minutes of work time.

As it was a new faucet needed, and we thought it was the piping.  It meant 2 visits.  It states on their website free estimates, which would have been a call out.  So I was surprised to have 1 and a half hours of labor.  Total labor costs were $142.40 + $48.00 for parts.  Making a total to them of $190.50.  This was the traveling time, but even so I feel that only one call out should have been charged.

How do 85, and 71 year olds know that it is the faucet, when the cupboard underneath is wet?  Of course this wasn’t our only cost, as we bought a good quality kitchen faucet.

I am sure that customers would be happier if the company carried 2 or 3 faucets on their vans, and it would only be one call out charge, and done in one visit.

I couldn’t negotiate as the H.O.A. recommend them, and they have so much business here, Veteran’s discount, senior discount, or cash discount.

Final thoughts.  It’s done.



  1. You must be feeling ripped off 😑…those people are doing business and their consent is only profit but if they do quality work then is better than those charging so much and do none quality work.

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  2. I saw an article one time where a customer made them stay the entire time since they were being billed for it.

    My father taught me the value of paying for quality work by only doing quality work as a self-employed contractor. He didn’t charge as much as he could have as most of his customers were middle income or poor.

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  3. I hear you. My plumbing repair experience up here is much the same. The only difference is that I come from a construction background, so know enough info to be dangerous. I did manage to negotiate in a very similar situation, but likely still paid to much. Last repair, I bought and installed my own kitchen faucet. As \i always said in my previous job with a financial institution…”You don’t need a gun to rob a bank, just send them an invoice. Hope all your plumbing problems are fixed. Allan

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