Hurricane Dorian could hit Florida as a Cat. 4.

People are already taking heed in Pasco County, Florida.

I popped up to a local Save-a-Lot, where I get basic staples, like bananas, milk, eggs, etc.  The parking lot was busier than usual, and so was the store.  The annoying thing was, they were changing the layout of the store, so had to go round several times to find the odd items I needed.

As you walked in the door there were palettes of gallon bottles of water.  I decided to take 2, as back in May I had stocked up with hurricane supplies.  They were out of so many items, including my bananas, that was my primary reason for going.

There were 2 checkouts in use, and around 6 customers waiting at each.  The gentleman cashing out, must have had food stamps, and a little cash, as his items went through, and then he spent around 10 minutes, putting items back, and taking others off.  I was too far away to see what money he had.  In the end the lady behind him gave him a $1 bill, so that the line could move.

I was looking around me where people were filling 2 carts with gallons of water, and I was thinking to myself, this will start a shortage.  I truly believe that they should have been prepared beforehand, and with a hurricane heading towards us, a limit of say 4 per customer should have been implemented.

I was in line for 20 minutes, before putting my 7 items through.  It will only get worse, in more ways than one.


  1. Be safe sending prayers your way! I’m further north and we don’t really get hit directly by hurricanes just the aftermath of heavy rains etc. However, each time it snows people here buy all the milk, bread and water as if they won’t be able to make it to the store in months, which annoys me to no end. Again thoughts and prayer for you and all of Florida!

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