Making progress on the plumber’s bill.


I informed you that I was a freelance writer, when I asked if you would come out to stop the dripping in my bathroom faucet, and the water in my cupboard under the sink due to a leak.

This is my first blog post

The second one

Today’s post

So far I have only put these on my blog that has 3,200 followers. With social media I have 16,000. I also haven’t written anything on yelp yet.

It would be so nice if your men carried ‘say 3 kitchen, and bathroom faucets in their van’ 1 cheap one, a medium one, and a good quality one. Pasco is mostly seniors, and I had to take my husband with me to get the faucet. It’s not easy. Also it would have been done in one day, which I had allowed for, and not getting him up at 7.30 each day. Being a 24/7 caregiver isn’t easy, and this only adds to my distress. I am sure I would have saved money too with only one visit, as your guy told me that it was 2 visits.

I await your response.


Susan Slade.

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

You were charged incorrectly by our tech and I will mail you a refund check tomorrow when our tech turns in the invoice. We have a set fee to install a homeowner supplied faucet.

As for charging for travel time, we do not do that unless you are an hour drive or more from our shop. We have a one hour min charge for service calls.

Had you called and requested an estimate on replacing a faucet, that would’ve been something we could’ve done over the phone by asking a few questions. With a job like that there is not a need to come out for an estimate.

As far as keeping faucets on our trucks, this is not possible due to how many different types and brands of faucets there are.

I can’t wait to see what my refund will be.

Persistence works.


  1. Yay for you. I find myself chasing all discounts and refunds these days. One retailer promised me a cheque for $150 in compensation for some difficulties I had with their product. 4 months later, the cheque still had not shown up, but I kept their E-mail and sent them a note asking about some maintenance issues. My last question was what address they had sent the cheque to as it had never turned up. He phoned a few days later and answered my questions and apologized for the cheque not being issued. I eagerly await my mail delivery. Fingers crossed for your refund Susie. Allan

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