I am a Big winner.

I only buy Starbucks coffee on a Friday, when I go walking with my girlfriend, and I treat us to a coffee.  However, you can play twice a day for free.

Doing it that way, I picked up a few 5 stars, and a coupon for half off a large Frappuccino.  I bought my girlfriend the half off one today, so instead of $6 and change, it was $3.  I only have a tall brewed decaf with caramel.  I then take a refill home for a cost of 50 cents.

This gave me my 2 plays today.  I said to my friend that she could be my lucky charm today, and played the 1st game.  It came up that I was a winner, and she said that I had a stunned look on my face.  Yes, 2,500 bonus stars.  That means 16.6 coffees, which is the equivalent of $100.

Well, Fridays will be good for the next 2 months.  Free coffees for both of us.


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