Saw all 3 televised football matches today, including 2 hours at the gym.

Today we switched it up, and decided to watch the first 2 matches at home.  This meant that we got down the gym just after noon.  They stop their free coffee mid-day on the weekends, so hubby asked them if they would make one more.  As it was only minutes after, they agreed.

I wasn’t as interested in the Burnley against Liverpool match, but figured I might as well watch it.  The first 45 minutes, I doubled up by doing the treadmill, and lifting weights.  I choose 7 lb. as that is a long time to be lifting, and walking.

Half-time was an inch of coffee for the caffeine, as I only drink decaf, and the bathroom.  Then it was back on the treadmill for 55 minutes.  This time I set it at 2.8 mph, and walked, then did a 2.5 incline, and continued until I got up to the full 15 incline.  I then went back the other way, and the last few minutes flat, and 2.5 mph.

I didn’t get to do boxing, the machines, and other exercise I like, but managed to manipulate the treadmill so it wasn’t boring.


  1. Bonjour mon Ami , Amie et gentille jeune fille bon sport à toi

    Ma richesse est mon amitié
    C’est à toi que je la donne
    Elle est pour moi
    Un gage de bonne foi
    Accepte ce présent
    C’est le cadeau le plus important
    Qu’on puisse faire à notre époque
    C est avec ces petits mots que je passe te souhaiter
    Une bonne journée , une belle semaine et plein de bonnes choses au sein de ta demeure
    Gros bisous.


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