Sending prayers over to the Bahamas

I hate that I feel relief, as the cone of the hurricane is going further away, from the Tampa area.

It is a category 5 hurricane, and the islands are starting to get hit by the slow moving Dorian.  This could be devastation for them.  My prayers, and thoughts are with them.

Photo: Pixabay.


  1. I’m glad you addressed this. I sent some money for a relief effort, because I’m just NOT going there myself this time. I’m not connected enough and there are those who are. My latest take on this is that the Bahamas is NOT the United States, the area is TOTALLY devastated, and “we” can act out of mercy towards them without the politics and all that. This could be “anywhere.” It could have been where I was, where you were. In fact, this may be a presage of what is coming. We must realize that there is NO difference between any of us, simply geography. This is not a “war.” This is not “an industrial disaster. This huge storm just camped out on top of the Bahamas until it was totally destroyed beyond all recognition. What we do now, in the wake of it, will define who we are. We can act, we can donate, we can pray. We CANNOT do NOTHING, not this time.

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